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Our veggie stand opens Monday thru Saturday 9am-5:30pm and Sundays 9am-3pm.
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It´s very easy to get the farm but directions are always helpful:

Visitors from Cabo: As you come in from Cabo, go straight until you come to an L and you’re forced to turn Right. You’ll pass a white building, with blue letters, Bancomer. Keep going up the hill, past Hotel California. At the top of the hill, just after El Zaguan on your left, you’ll come to a three-way where you can go straight or left. On your right is Galeria Ezra Katz. Turn left. This road is called Topete.

Visitors from La Paz:
As you come in from La Paz, go straight until you come to a three-way. You’ll see Galeria Ezra Katz on the left. Turn right here. The road is called Topete.

Once you reach Topete road:
At the bottom of the hill it’ll take a hard left, and snake back and forth a bit. Follow the curves, before the road goes up, on your right hand side, you’ll see a vegetable farm with a palapa in front, that’s us! We are across the street from two stores: Baja Market and Baja Tiles on the left hand side.